Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Secret File of Harry Chen

This screenplay, written by one of the real eyewitnesses to Harold Holt's mysterious disappearance, is fiction, or is it?

As a young medical student, the narrator, Mike Compton, accompanied the Prime Minister of Australia, Harold Holt, to the beach and witnessed his death by drowning.

Now a middle-aged doctor on holiday in China, Mike catches a passing glimpse of a very old European man whom he is sure is Holt.

Mike's search for this man takes us through a post-modernist exploration of truth, lies, love, and infidelity set against the myths and conspiracy theories surrounding Harold Holt's disappearance - in particular the strange story that Prime Minister Holt had been a communist spy about to be unmasked, and was smuggled away by submarine to safety in China.

The truth Mike finds is as unexpected as it is moving.

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